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To snatch SDARS SIRIUS / XM's (2320~2345MHz) market, good for the state science and technology is also related to the development of ceramic SDARS antenna to meet the needs of the US market, either alone or containing the active circuit has a passive ceramic antenna.
SDARS with the main difference is that traditional radio via satellite transmission of digital audio wave, with near-CD quality, interference, transmission power is low, providing little or no advertising program, covering the majority of the area and when the user moves the receiver does not have to vary conversion and other advantages of the channel regione.
Picture Category Description Model pn Dimension
(LxWxT mm)
Datasheet Memo for Your Selection
Patch Ant. SDARS ( SIRIUS / XM) PAS23XXMH4G-XXX-XXX 22.4x22.4x4 SPEC PDF SDARS Circular
PAS23XXMF4G-XXX-XXX 36x36x4.2
  PAS2333MF4G-148-1ZS  28x28x4
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