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Inpaq NFC Reader Antenna

NFC Reader Antenna

NFC Reader Antenna

NFC’s application is necessary use for unmanned store,can be divided into three parts. First, peer-to-peer transmission. Second, read-write mode. Third, function of payment.
As to the function of payment, the most important issue is the safety. We, INPAQ, have credit card safety certification and we also purchase EMVCo which is the international safety certification device. These devices also comply with the standard of third party certification authority.
Along with the China government choose the NFC Forum for NFC safety payment, so INPAQ also purchases COMPRION, certification device, in our China R&D center. COMPRION complies with CMCC telecommunications terms.
For NFC’s safety payment certification, INPAQ could provide related data of safety certification to aim at material development, antenna design and safety certification.
Category Description Model pn Dimension (LxWxT mm) Datasheet
NFC   NFC Reader Ant.   NF-C-F6-R0-073 21.5x24.5x0.27mm Please contact INPAQ for Further Detail and support.  
 NF-C-F4-R0-005 50x40x0.25mm 
 NF-C-F10-R0-083 115x105x1.38mm 
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