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Thin Film Current Sensor Resistor

Current sense resistors of Inpaq are recognized as cost-effective components that help improve system efficiency. And this product are ideal for widely applications which low resistances applied to high current sensing design in virtually all market.

The key features are as follows:
1.Extra high power rating and low TCR.
2.Extra low resistance and high precision.
3.High reliability Structure.
4.Halogen free, Lead free, RoHS Compliance

The main applications are as follows:
1. Current sensing in DC to DC converter circuit application.
2. Current sensing controller in fasting charger application
3. Motor driver controller feedback.
4. Current measurement meter.
5. Overcurrent Protection of DC Power.
Description Series SPEC Package Power(W)

Ressistance Rrange(mohm)

Thin Film Current Sensor Single WW Series 0402/0603/0805/1206 1/10~1 21 ~900W
TTL Series_TTL04 to TTL08 0402/0603/0805 1/5~1/2 2 ~ 20
TTL Series_TTL12   1206 1/2~1  1 ~ 100
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