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NFC Tag BT On Solution



Thanks to the popularity of NFC application, more and more products carry NFC label/function for making life more intelligence and popular use for amazon/Taobao/Zara unmanned store. INPAQ has two solution proposals for NFC label. When product turns off, we may use the NFC read mechanism through NFC label to turn on the power of device. In the mean time, we can connect to BT address then transfer data by BT frequency.

In addition, INPAQ has the advantage in developing raw material for NFC chip which is better used in metal environment surrounding and a more diversified product offer.
Category Description Model PN Dimension
(LxWxT mm)
NFC NFC Tag BT On Solution ACN-5036-A1-PC060-S 5.0x3.6x1.3mm Please contact INPAQ for Further Detail and support.
NF-TAG-F6-R0-002 30x20x1mm
NF-TAG-F0-R0-009 Ø14.5x0.3mm
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