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NFC/RFID Antenna (Reader/Tag)

NFC application on the market is getting wlidely used for example Amazon/Zara/Taobao unmanned store.There are 2 types of NFC stucture : Antenna coil and Ferrite. INPAQ have highly competitive ability of developing Ferrite sheet globaly.We also have material development team and well-developed technique.Therefore we can raise Ferrite's permeability to 180 and increase NFC antenna's efficacy. Besides, we can decrease the thickness of Ferrite to 0.06mm for matching market trends.

In recent years, apart from apple pay developed and led by Apple. Many other suppliers Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and etc in this field has emerged and we are sure E-Payment would become more and more common in the market. In supply of such device, INPAQ has worked with major mobile phone and POS manufacturers together with professional NFC design team. We also support with PICC and PCD equipment which in terms brings a more stable and creditable test result.
Inpaq NFC Reader Antenna
NFC Reader Antenna
Inpaq NFC Reader Antenna
NFC Tag BT On Solution
Inpaq NFC & WPC Solution
NFC & WPC Solution
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