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RFID Antenna (Reader/Tag)

RFID Antenna (Reader/Tag)

In era of RFID is “nothing but a tag”….
When Inpaq diverse processes of thin film, multilayer, thick film, SMT, LTCC, LCT/LDS and bulk forming being adequately adopted to meet customization needs, we see Inpaq products of RFID/NFC tag from concept to real products in the markets of automatic tracking, unmanned store, jewelry and animal industry globally and widely.

We bring all these 20 years experiences on raw material design, simulation skill, processes know how and full range test equipment to the field, everything we do, we believe in thinking flexibly, the way we challenge being successful in RFID industry is by making our products to fulfill engineer idea to something truly amazing and ahead of the times. We just happened to make great antennas.
Inpaq is your best choice of OEM/ODM partner.

RFID with Reader and tag is necessary using INPAQ diverse package, including patch antenna 433/868/915MHz, 2.4/5.8GHz and chip antenna UHF/NFC/BT/Wifi. INPAQ had great experience design Win in animal husbandry and logistics management.
Ear Tag
Ear Tag
RFID Antenna   868/915 MHz
868/915 MHz
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