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Inpaq ESD Suppressor EGA series


ESD suppressor series provide two main series: ESD GuardTM and ESD array type series (ROHS), which designed by high-temperature E-paste compound material for ESD discharging and air-gap arcing technologies individually, applied for single-line and multiple line ESD protection against high ESD voltage and current (IEC61000-4-2 Level 4). Single line ESD with serveral compact size of EIA 0201, 0402 and 0603. the array types with 1206 and SC70/ST23/DFN package compatilbe. Two types for single line ESD protection: one is EGA with E-paste compound material and TEA with air-gap arcing process. The ESD acts extremely quick response time (<1ns) and and extremely low leakage current. EGA behaves the extremely low capacitance (<0.5pF) also benifits zero signal distortion for high speed digital I/O transmission application(IEEE-1394, USB2.0/3.0, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort,..etc.) with less differerital mis-matching, especially for additonal RF antenna front-end or analouge IC with Bi-directional ESD protection without matching concern and no DC bias (recommended). The TEA series with more lower capactiance than EGA series due to the curtesy from air-gap arcing design. for ESD array solutions, we provides EGA array series for compact multiple line pupose; and TVU & ETS series are designed compatible with popular semiconductor package like SOT23, SC70, DFN10....etc. Especially, the ETS series are cost-effective array solution developed to defeat the TVS diode array with ESD pin-injection ability (contact pin>+/-8KV).
Picture Description Series Size (EIA) Size (EIAJ) SPEC Operating Voltage (VDC) Leakage Current (μA) Capacitance, @1MHz (pF) Trigger Voltage (V) Clamping Voltage (V) Application
ESD GuardTM EGA 0201 0603 EGA10201V00A3 0 0.01 0.2 140 35 USB 2.0/3.0, IEEE1394, DVI, Display port, HDMI, Antenna
EGA10201V05A0 5 0.01 0.2 250 30
0402 1005 EGA10402V05B0 5 0.05 0.2 300 30
EGA10402V12B0 12 0.05 0.2 300 30
0603 1608 EGA10603V05B0 5 0.01 0.2 300 30
EGA10603V12B0 12 0.01 0.2 300 30
EGA10603V24B0 24 0.01 0.25 300 30
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