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Multilayer Chip Capacitor

Multilayer Chip Capacitor

INPAQ MLC_NFR series offer the global smallest 01005 and various sizes MLCC, featuring ultra low capacitance 0.1pF, upmost precision ¡Ó0.05pF, high Q, low ESR, wide rated voltage range (16~1500V), ultra high self-resonance frequency (SRF), small temperature coefficient of capacitance within the ¡Ó30ppm/¢XC required for NPO (C0G) classification. Thus, MLC_NRF series benefit high communication quality and low energy consumption to high frequency communicaion system such as smart phone, tablet, navigation, base station device, aerospace communication, wireless communication module, high speed data transmission, Internet of Things, Vehicle-to-Everything V2X, and TELEMATI
High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor
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