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EMI / ESD Suppressor

Due to limited PCB board space design, compact size component with both ESD and EMI functions are needed. For that, INPAQ success fully developed emi suppressor VPORT series (ROHS) provide SMD type zinc oxide based multilyer ceramic chip package for combo functions combing over voltage(meet IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 standard) and EMI filter protection with restriced capacitance tolerance(+/-20%). Special insulator over coat keeps excellent low and stable leakage current less than 15uA.
VPORT series provide fixed working voltages (5/12V) with lower clamping voltage less than 50V. Two size choice(1005/1608) and popular capacitance range are avariable (10/22/47/150pF) for dual protection of ESD/EMI on power, analogue & high-speed I/O pins.
Inpaq EMI ESD Suppressor VPORT series
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