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Inpaq Wireless Power Charger Transmitter Tx coil + Receiver Rx Coil Module

WPC Qi Wireless RX Module


INPAQ product use by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi-certified IC and a coil with INPAQ developed production
Covering a variety of WPC standard type, low / medium power TX & RX module, in order to achieve the best charging efficiency and the lowest cost of production.
Widely used in furniture, mobile phones, mobile power, wearable products, headphones, electronic games, and other consumer electronic devices.
Picture Category Description Model PN Dimension

(LxWxT mm)
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Wireless Power WPC Qi N/A Certification wireless charger module 23x30x2.35mm(PCBA), Coil Dim: 40x50x0.8mm WPC-W-A-Rx-CF-009 Vout 12V、1.25A


WPC-W-A-Rx-CF-001   -

 Coil Dim:31x41x0.8mm

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