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RF Antenna
Inpaq is globally approved rf antenna manufacture by high market share such as GPS antenna of 75% & automotive navigation of 90%, leading NFC volume, numerous Design-Win cases in consumer electronics & automobile and keep expanding to WPC and LCT applications with overwhelming strength. Inpaq is competitive rf antenna supplier.

Offering OEM/OBM/ODM global Service with popular topics for phone, wearable, mobile-pay (NFC pay),RFID tag for unmanned stores,logistics, animal husbandry, Internet of thing/everything(ex: smart plug), smart home/house(ring bell, locks, security),smart speaker, smart healthcare, self-driving(GPSL1L2L5L6 Stack),automotive communication 3G/LTE/WIFI, 4G/LTE/LoRa/NB-IOT,5G application and so on.
Patch Antenna
Active Antenna
Chip Antenna
Dipole Antenna
NFC/RFID Antenna (Reader/Tag)
Wireless Power Charger
LCT/LDS Technology
Customized Antenna
Module System
RFID Antenna (Reader/Tag)
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