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Patch Antenna

INPAQ is a patch antenna manufacturer that specializes in all kinds of GPS antennas including GPS ceramic substrate.
Ceramic patch antenna is widely used in global positioning systems, INPAQ provided in different shapes, sizes and a high-gain, low return loss, low axial ratio characteristics of the ceramic antenna.
Inpaq Patch Antenna Multi Function PA1590MF6G-XXX-XX
Multi Function
Inpaq Patch Antenna SMD
Inpaq Patch Antenna GPS Circular
GPS Circular
Inpaq Patch Antenna ETC DSRC 5G Linear Circular
ETC/DSRC/5G Linear/Circular
Inpaq Patch AntennaSDARS (SIRIUS/XM)
Inpaq Patch Antenna GPS Linear
GPS Linear
Inpaq Patch AntennaGPS Stack
GPS Stack
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