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Corporate sustainability issues

Identification of Material Issues
Sustainable Environment
Vendor Management
Identification of Material Issues
The INPAQ Sustainability Committee online questionnaires were distributed to stakeholders . Scores indicating level of concern of major stakeholders with regard to sustainability issues were derived from these questionnaires. Online questionnaires were also distributed to 27 INPAQ supervisors to obtain scores indicating the degree of impact of each sustainability issue on the Company. A material topic matrix was then created based on the aggregated scores. Upon discussions by the Sustainability
Committee, the three top scoring issues in the environmental, social, and economic dimensions were listed as material topics for this year. It was confirmed that the Company should prioritize disclosure of the following nine material topics in the environmental, social, and economic dimensions in this year’s report: Energy conservation and carbon reduction, water resources/effluents, sustainable supply chain management, customer relations, occupational safety, legal compliance, operational performance, innovative R&D, and information security.
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