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ESG Policy

In addition to ratifying the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles, the Board of Directors has authorized the President to form a Sustainability Committee with him serving as chairman. The Sustainability Committee is responsible for the formulation of sustainable development policies, internal execution and implementation of initiatives, and gradual incorporation of sustainability concepts into the Company’s corporate culture.

Dedicated task forces subordinate to the Committee have been established in consideration of the fact that sustainable development encompasses environmental,social, and governance criteria (below referred to as ESG). Competent departments gather issues of concern to stakeholders in the dimensions of environmental protection, occupational safety, supply chain management, labor rights, operational performance, and corporate governance. Based on a firm commitment to safeguarding stakeholder rights and interests, a stakeholder section has been created on the corporate website to respond to key sustainability issues of concern to stakeholders in an adequate manner. It is also planned to deliver annual reports on ESG implementation results to the Board of Directors to raise the level of participation of the board in the implementation of ESG concepts.

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