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Power inductor

Power Inductor

Power inductors are mainly used in DC/DCsand AC/ DC circuits of electronic products; they convert electrical energy into magnetic energy for storage and release, and are important components of voltage conversion circuits. Specifications focus on low resistance, low leakage magnetic inductance, high saturation current, various dfsdfsizes and thin profiles.
Jiabang power inductors provide metal integral molding/multilayer ferrite/winding.
Application market in computer/communication/consumer/wearable
Inpaq Power inductor Metal Molding WIP series
Wire wound - Metal Molding Power inductor WIP Seri
Inpaq Power inductor Metal Molding WMM series
Wire wound - Metal Molding Power inductor AIP/WMM
Multilayer - Metal Alloy MAP
Multilayer - Metal Alloy Power inductor MAP Series
Inpaq Multilayer Ferrite power inductor MIP series
Multilayer - Ferrite Power inductor MIP Series
Inpaq Power inductor Wire-Wound NIP series
Wire wound – Ferrite Assembly Power inductor NIP S
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