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S-parameter Data Library

Z-R-X Simulation by S-parameter

  • Z-R-X Simulation by S-parameter is for Ferrite Beads and Ferrite Inductors, measured by using Network Analyzer, Agilent E5071B
  • The purpose is to estimate the impedance at frequency 3GHz ~ 8.5GHz.
  • How to use (PDF format)
  • Download:Z-R-X simulation by E5071B
    Z-R-X Simulation is calculated by S21 Transmission Series Conversion Mode.
  • Select the conversion mode at the Z conversion menu.
Note:Z0 is fixed to 50 ohms in the calculations of the Impedance Parameter Display. The above information refer to Agilent’s web site :

S-parameter of MCI by E5071C
1. Open it as following:
2. The worksheet ”Chart” show the S-parameter of MCI parts.
<< Example for MCI0603HQ-5N6 >>:

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