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Inpaq Automotive 2.4G

2.4GHz ISM Band

INPAQ is one of great chip antenna manufactures and have development technology of chip antenna. Chip antenna has the advantages of small size、thin、high efficiency. In order to meet the market demand, we developed different frequency band chip antenna for automotive to our customer, like GPS, Glonass, 2.4GHz Wifi, Bluetooth, 5GHz Wifi chip antenna.

Chip antenna is SMD(Surface Mounted Devices) components, so it can use SMT(Surface Mounted Technology) to achieve automation of production and reduce production costs.



Category Description Model PN Dimension
(LxWxT mm)
Automotive 2.4 GHz VGAP-CLA-AS-A1 5.2x3.7x0.7  SPEC PDF 
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