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Ever since 2005 providing patch antenna to big 3 PND companies made capacity of Inpaq worldwide No. 1 GPS antenna manufacturer.

Popular Topic application: ETC LTE GPS Combo antenna、XM、GPS external、V2X。

By 2006, we started shake hands with tier 1 aftermarket, GPS at first then GLONASS, Compass (Beidou), Galileo, Iridium, SDARS, SMD type, Dual pin type, stack type, curve patch, GPS linear, L1 L2 L5 antenna, that is; products of patch and active antenna. GPSGLONASS module, G mouse. ISM/BT/WiFi, GSM, LTE full band 704-2600MHz , WPC TX/RX coil/module, NFC tag/module, TPMS 315MHz, 433 MHz, DTV film antennas come along to meet our customer demands in aftermarket.

Moreover, we also have GPS/GSM combo active antenna, chip antenna of GPS/2.4G, GPS/GLONASS, 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi combo antennas which are all compliance with AEC Q200 , LTE full band and NFC SIP, LCT process(LDS like) naturally leading Inpaq to be OEM master supplier of tier 1 that tangibly expressed a beautiful story of Inpaq steps from interior to roof top solutions such as DSRC/GPSGLONASS/SDARS/GSM/LTE/AMFM optional multifunction-product family these last 10 years.

As a position of Tier 2, Inpaq plays a role in this field of stylish, global, professional and innovational as a customer oriented antenna designer, producer, partner, dreamer and happiness maker.
Come see us to discover more surprises. Something new and a lot more great potential and exciting ideas to share and bring into play.
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