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LCT/LDS Technology

As increasing requirement of communication function, from simple voice to video and digital signal transferring, GPS, WiFi, blue tooth, NFC(Near Field Communication), the reception type of antenna is becoming more than ever. For developing 5G, not only increase in number of antenna, but also design complexity is becoming higher. Plus, due to the trend of lighter and thinner exterior, antenna technology or products with features of saving space and quick developing will be a new way in RF field.

INPAQ LDS process of TWS BT earphone antenna is competitive solution.

To meet market requirement, INPAQ possesses two kinds of laser antenna technologies, LDS &LCT, provide best solution for customer.

1. LDS(Laser Direct Structuring)
Scanning precisely onto the surface of holder made of unique resin with laser beam, and metalizing the scanned area through chemical plating to form a conductive trace. Trace can be made in 3 dimensional instead of traditional 2D structure. So that circuit design will be more free and easier. It can be used for antenna making for wireless communication products. With features such as space saving, short lead time for R&D, design with high efficiency and flexibility, circuit can be easily changed, poor reception occurs rarely, therefore it is not only suitable for portable terminal products like smart phones and tablet with variable type, but also for automotive communication, POS, and intelligent appliances. In other words, this is definitely the best solution for the antenna design in fast-paced communications industry. This mature technology has been adopted widely by industry.

2.LCT(Laser Circuit Technology)
LCT is a new technology developed by INPAQ, combines laser engraving and plating processes .Making metal trace onto the surface of substrate and resulting in three dimension circuit.
LCT keeps the same performance such as good reliability and high accuracy in antenna size; it is worthy to mention that the antenna carrier,
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