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Multilayer Type  Common mode filter (For High speed) MCM Series

Multilayer Type Common mode filter (For High spee

Multilayer common mode filter MCM series is a miniaturized EMI common mode filter product developed using multilayer ceramic/ferrite co-firing technology.
INPAQ provided sizes include 0504(1012)/0805(2012)/1206(3216), the common mode impedance is 50~220 ohm.
It is used in tablet , desktop/notebook & motherboard/set-top box/router...etc, USB2.0 / MIPI / MHL / Ethernet and other differential signal lines.
Chip Common Mode Filter, MCM series adopts internally unique multilayer ceramic/ferrite co-firing technologies for minaturized size of EMI filter product development. it's general purpose and cost effective for I/O port of tablet PC/NB & MB, providing common mode impedance (67~220 ohm) with JEIA size (1012/2012/3216) for different I/O such as USB2.0/MIPI/HDMI/MHL/USB3.0/ethernet RJ45, ...etc.

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