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Chip Ferrite Bead

Inpaq is competitive Chip inductor manufacturer,
MFI series, the monolithic construction performs high reliability and ensures a closed magnetic flux in a component avoids magnetic and interference for RF and wireless communication. JEIA size 1608/2012/3216 are provided, inductance range from 0.1~22uH.
Besides, INPAQ also provides MCI ceramic inductor provide high frequency application (up to 10 GHz).EIAJ size 0603/1005 are provided, inductance range from 1~270uH.
And we have provides MGB series ferrite bead generates high impedance at high frequency. Effectively filtering capability over a wide range of frequency ,an impedance range of 600~1000ohms. Available in case sizes EIAJ: 0402/1005.
Inpaq Multilayer Chip BeadChip Ferrite Bead MCB_Sseries
Chip Ferrite Bead MCB_S
Inpaq High current Chip Ferrite Bead MHC_S/P series Automotive
Multilayer Chip Bead MHC_S/P
Inpaq  Chip Ferrite Bead for GHz Range MGB series
Chip Ferrite Bead for GHz Range
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