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Chip Ferrite Bead

Inpaq is competitive Chip inductor manufacturer,
MFI series, the monolithic construction performs high reliability and ensures a closed magnetic flux in a component avoids magnetic and interference for RF and wireless communication. JEIA size 1608/2012/3216 are provided, inductance range from 0.1~22uH.
Besides, INPAQ also provides MCI ceramic inductor provide high frequency application (up to 10 GHz).EIAJ size 0603/1005 are provided, inductance range from 1~270uH.
And we have provides MGB series ferrite bead generates high impedance at high frequency. Effectively filtering capability over a wide range of frequency ,an impedance range of 600~1000ohms. Available in case sizes EIAJ: 0402/1005.
Inpaq Multilayer Chip BeadChip Ferrite Bead MCB series
Chip Ferrite Bead
Inpaq High current Chip Ferrite Bead MHC MCB series Automotive
Multilayer Chip Bead
Inpaq  Chip Ferrite Bead for GHz Range MGB series
Chip Ferrite Bead for GHz Range
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