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Patch Antenna

INPAQ is a patch antenna manufacturer that specializes in all kinds of GPS antennas including GPS ceramic substrate.
Ceramic patch antenna is widely used in global positioning systems, INPAQ provided in different shapes, sizes and a high-gain, low return loss, low axial ratio characteristics of the ceramic antenna.

INPAQ is ready for Tier 1, GPS GNSS L1L2L5L6 stack proposal 5G application to connect everything, including self-driving needed L1L2L5L6 to get message of accurate position; via 3D Lidar or 77GHz Radar is for relative position message.
Connected car, automated car, smart car, self-driving car do difference by the degrees of ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and application method.
Inpaq Patch Antenna Multi Function PA1590MF6G-XXX-XX
Multi Function
Inpaq Patch Antenna SMD
Inpaq Patch Antenna GPS Circular
GPS Circular
Inpaq Patch Antenna ETC DSRC 5G Linear Circular
ETC/DSRC/5G Linear/Circular
Inpaq Patch AntennaSDARS (SIRIUS/XM)
Inpaq Patch Antenna GPS Linear
GPS Linear
Inpaq Patch Antenna GNSS L1/L2/L5/L6
GNSS L1/L2/L5/L6
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