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Multilayer Varistor

MLV(Multilayer Varistor) series (ROHS) provide SMD type zinc oxide based multilyer ceramic chip package for over voltage protection (meet IEC 61000-4-2 standard). Single pacakge with different size provided (JEIA: 0603/1005/1608/3216). Special insulator over coat keeps excellent low and stable leakage current less than 1uA.
Two types series provided are MLVS and MLVG. MLVS series provide more size choice(0603/1005/1608/3216) and wide capacitance range (33~3600pF) for lower clamping voltage(19~110V); MLVG series only provide two sizes(1005/1608) and lower capaitance range (0.5~330pF/950pF) for I/O application, but larger clamping ability(25~250V). Please contact us for more multilayer varistors.
Inpaq Multilayer Varistor MLVS series
Multilayer Varistor MLVS MLVG
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