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Ultra Low Cap. ESD Suppressor

Ultra Low Cap. ESD Suppressor we have Two types products : one is EGA with E-paste compound material iswith air-gap arcing process. The ESD acts extremely quick response time (<1ns) and extremely low leakage current. EGA behaves the extremely low capacitance (<0.5pF) also benefits zero signal distortion for high speed digital I/O transmission application(IEEE-1394, USB2.0/3.0, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort,..etc.) with less differential mis-matching, especially for additional RF antenna front-end or analog IC with Bi-directional ESD protection without matching concern and no DC bias (recommended). The TEA series with more lower capacitance than EGA series due to the effect from air-gap arcing design. for ESD array solutions, we provides EGA array series for compact multiple line purpose; and TVU series are designed compatible with popular semiconductor package like DFN2510....etc.
Inpaq ESD Suppressor EGA series
Inpaq ESD Suppressor EGA array series
EGA array
Inpaq ESD Suppressor TVU series
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